Family Matters

Sunday, September 10th right after the 11 o'clock service
FREE LUNCH for the entire family!

Family Matters is our annual event where we hope to get to know the families in our student ministry! Students' family members will receive free lunch, parents will be introduced to their children's small group leaders, and they'll learn what Scotts Hill Students will look like this year. We can't wait to see you right after church in the CPC auditorium! Starting @ 12:15!

We definitely don't claim to have it all figured out, but we still hope that we can come alongside each of you as parents to assist you in the way you do family. By the time your student reaches our ministry, you aren't looking for more information — you're just looking for better information. You aren't hoping for more responsibility — you're desiring deeper relationships with your kids. We are here for your students, but you are the predominant presence in their lives. That means there are a lot of needs competing for your attention. That's why we desire to help you focus on what matters most. We want to discover parenting along with you. So, know that you're not in this alone. We are here for you!