As the word about Jesus spreads, we are faced with a newfound joy and burden: community. Actually, before news of Jesus even hit the earth — before Jesus even needed to come to earth, we were created to be in community with each other. From the very start, it was “not good” that man was alone. It’s the same today; it’s not good for us to be alone, isolated, excluded from the community that God wants us to have. We are to be people who live in community with each other. Honestly, this was so good in the beginning, and the community the first humans had was great! But when sin entered the world, things got messy. Community became hard. The differences we all have were no longer helpful, but hurtful because of the prideful tinge we all possess. Insecurity from those differences set in, and pain broke out. So, how do we live in community the way that God designed it? Let’s dive into it together and explore this community that Jesus wants to re-create with us.