Elevate Weekend is the most family-oriented event we do with Scotts Hill Students! It's local. It's affordable. And it is SO MUCH FUN! Students stay in church members' homes around the area with their small groups & leaders. This weekend is one that we plan out strategically for each small group's experience, and it's one of our favorite things we do each year! Our hope is that these few days would be one of the biggest investments students could make in their walk with Jesus each school year. As some of the most critical moments of growth happen within their group, small group leaders are there to share every moment and walk through the difficult questions or sweetest truths our students with encounter. We've invited a powerful communicator, and friend Alberto Bello from his hometown of Los Angeles - where he pastors a church in West Hollywood. Our friends, Bellamy Worship, will also be leading us in worship as we dive into an incredible weekend together. Sending each of our groups on mission around our city is also one of our favorite experiences of the weekend, partnering with various organizations in Wilmington and the surrounding areas. You seriously won't want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to see what God is doing, hear what Jesus is speaking, and respond to the message of grace and LIFE that is offered freely to each one of us!