Yeah, the title might sound a little bit off-base for what you’re thinking scripturally, but it’s actually a huge part of what we miss when it comes to our Christian lives. We hear all the time how we’re supposed to love God and we hear constantly about how we’re supposed to love other people, but what about that one part of ‘The Greatest Commandment’ … the “as yourself” part. Sometimes we overlook this section, thinking that we’re doing everyone (God and others included) a favor if we just leave ourselves out of the equation. Without knowing our worth, our value from God, we’ll never be able to live with ourselves. Without truly loving ourselves as God loves us, we aren’t able to fully love others the way that God sees them. How can we love someone else in a way that we are not capable of knowing or receiving? We’re going to explore what it looks like to receive and reciprocate God’s love for us, what it means to truly love ourselves in a selfless way, and how we love others better as a result of knowing how to love ourselves.

W3 — Love Others

Once we know how to love ourselves and see what God sees in us, then we’re ready to step into aposition where we can truly love those around us. When we love ourselves in a healthy way (an unselfish way), then we can begin to love others in a healthy, unselfish way as well. Ultimately, we face this progression: receive God’s love and learn to love him, know what we’re worth and walk believing that value, distribute this very same love and value and hold others in the same standing as God holds them. We’re only able to love as well as we love ourselves, and this means that loving others has some sort of correlation with how well we love ourselves — how healthy that love is. Once we discover how to do this, we can really begin to make a significant impact on the lives of people, loving them for who they are and what God created them for, not simply for what we can get out of them or how great we’ll look in the process. Let’s love our neighbor as ourselves. Let’s love well. Let’s love selflessly.