Welcome to the last series of the school year: CHOICES! Life is all about choices and as followers of Jesus, we want to know how to make good, God-honoring choices on a consistent basis. In Proverbs, there is a lot of WISDOM for us to learn from, especially in terms of making choices. We will spend the next 4 weeks unpacking wise choices guided by the words of King Solomon, who was blessed with wisdom from God. This week we begin with Proverbs 12:15 as we guide students to seek the advice of Godly counsel when making choices, especially important choices in their lives.

This is Life...Relationships

It’s great to be back after a week off and to get back into our THIS IS LIFE series talking about our VALUES. We will continue through Romans 12 and look specifically at Romans 12:17-19, as this week we focus in on our RELATIONSHIPS as followers of Jesus. We believe that it is so important for our students to learn about how God-honoring relationships are built on forgiveness and peace. God’s word continually shows us our need to forgive each other and directs us to pursue peace in EVERY relationship, even with enemies! We are asking students to suspend all judgment - for God alone is the Judge - and to work on their relationships with others. 

This Is Life... love

Welcome to a brand new series called THIS IS LIFE! I’m really looking forward to the next 5 weeks as we unpack the VALUES of our Student Ministry. Based on Romans 12:9-21, we will look at how we want the “life” of our ministry (and hopefully the lives of our students) to be defined by: Love, Worship, Commitment, Relationships, & Outreach. We believe that with these values in place, students will walk closer with God and develop deeper relationships with each other! This week we begin with guiding our students to a proper understanding of love based on scripture and challenging them to choose to love themselves and others like God does.