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WEEK 1  -  (9/5/18)

Brand new school year kicks off with a FRESH new series! This week we will look atMatthew 5:1-5 with the hopes of seeing how the Gospel message of Jesus is FRESH and different from the ways of the world. The beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12) reveal to us what our heart attitude should look like if we have faith in God through Jesus. We want students to realize their need for God, to mourn the reality of their sin, and to humble themselves before God as they call on Jesus as Lord and Savior. God is faithful to save us and work through us as we keep the Gospel FRESH in our lives!



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Faith is a complete trust or confidence in someone or something. For a believer, faith is the driving force of their relationship with Jesus. This Wednesday we are having a stand- alone message about taking ownership of faith. Many students often base their faith offof their parents, pastors, small group leaders, or maybe even their friends. But it is so important to take ownership of their “own faith”. The first few steps in doing this is by thinking about faith, acting on faith, and lastly following through. God gave us many reasons to be confident in Him, the question is do our students believe that?




WEEK 4  -  (5/16/18)

As our CHOICES series comes to a close we are talking about FRIENDS! This week we will examine Proverbs 13:20 with the goal of learning how to surround ourselves with the kind of friends that encourage our walk with Jesus! Most people know that friends have the ability to influence our lives, both for good and for bad. We want students to see the need to have a balance of friends that will uplift, encourage, and challenge them in their faith as well as friends that they are reaching with the LOVE of Jesus! God created us for relationships and friendships - let’s walk with the WISE! 


WEEK 3  -  (5/9/18)

It’s week 3 of CHOICES and this week we are focusing on choosing to walk wisely and turn away from evil. As we look at Proverbs 14:16 we see that the fool makes careless choices while the wise is cautious in his/her decisions. We want students to realize that they have the choice to turn from careless living and instead focus on what is truly important in their lives as Christ- followers. They can either walk forward recklessly, or they can choose to walk forward by being watchful, praying in the Spirit, and receiving strength to avoid temptation. The challenge will be to focus on using caution (careful attention) to discern what is wise in every aspect of their lives.


WEEK 2  -  (5/2/18)

It’s Week 2 of CHOICES and this week we are focusing on choosing our words wisely. As we look at Proverbs 18:1-21 we see both the power of our words and the importance of being slow to speak. We want students to realize the weight that their words carry towards those around them, especially as followers of Jesus. They can either empower and encourage the people in their lives or they can cause damage and destruction with the words they choose to use in conversations and relationships. The challenge will be to focus on listening to gain understanding while being careful to honor God with how they speak.


WEEK 1  -  (4/26/18)

Welcome to the last series of the school year: CHOICES! Life is all about choices and as followers of Jesus, we want to know how to make good, God-honoring choices on a consistent basis. In Proverbs, there is a lot of WISDOM for us to learn from, especially in terms of making choices. We will spend the next 4 weeks unpacking wise choices guided by the words from King Solomon, who was blessed with wisdom from God. This week we begin with Proverbs 12:15 as we guide students to seek the advice of Godly counsel when making choices, especially important choices in their lives.



WEEK 1  -  (3/7/18)

Welcome to a brand new series called THIS IS LIFE! I’m really looking forward to the next 5 weeks as we unpack the VALUES of our Student Ministry. Based on Romans 12:9-21, we will look at how we want the “life” of our ministry (and hopefully the lives of our students) to be defined by: Love, Worship, Commitment, Relationships, & Outreach. We believe that with these values in place, students will walk closer with God and develop deeper relationships with each other! This week we begin with guiding our students to a proper understanding of love based on scripture and challenging them to choose to love themselves and others like God does.


WEEK 2  -  (3/14/18)

Worship isn’t just a “here and there moment - we worship everywhere.” As a child of God, we are to be in constant worship. As we see in Romans 12:1 & 12:11-13, every breath we take should be in worship. There are many different ways for us to worship - it doesn’t just have to be once a week while singing at church. We can worship through music, prayer, scripture reading, serving, sharing the gospel, working, and even the little things in our everyday routine. This week we want you to think about worship in a way that is constant. We want you to live out your worship so others can see what it looks like to worship the One who deserves it all.


WEEK 3  -  (3/21/18)

We are so excited to continue on in our THIS IS LIFE series as we look at the values of our Student Ministry. Based on Romans 12:14-16, we will look at a biblical worldview of commitment and how it relates to our lives as believers. We want our students to understand what it means to truly capture the essence of Christ and his selfless love for us, and how understanding that truth frees us from our selfish tendencies and pushes us toward being fully committed to each other in our Small Groups. This Christ-like commitment will help us become contagious to the outside world as we model what it means to be one as the body of Christ.


WEEK 4  -  (4/4/18)

It’s great to be back after a week off and to get back into our THIS IS LIFE series talking about our VALUES. We will continue through Romans 12 and look specifically at Romans 12:17-19, as this week we focus in on our RELATIONSHIPS as followers of Jesus. We believe that it is so important for our students to learn about how God-honoring relationships are built on forgiveness and peace. God’s word continually shows us our need to forgive each other and directs us to pursue peace in EVERY relationship, even with enemies! We are asking students to suspend all judgment - for God alone is the Judge - and to work on their relationships with others.


WEEK 5  -  (4/11/18)

This week we close our THIS IS LIFE series with our value of OUTREACH. Romans 12:20-21 directs us to serve others and shows that by doing so we can overcome evil with good. As followers of Jesus, it is important for our students to see the value of service and giving of themselves for the betterment of others! This includes sharing God’s love with those who may not know Jesus and inviting others to come hear the Gospel message and join our community of believers. We are going to be encouraging students to invite their friends to our LIFE PARTY next Wednesday night (April 18) and to sign up to serve with OPERATION INASMUCH (April 28).