Silent Trumpets - (10/16/19)

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It’s pretty easy for us to point out the sin in the lives of people around us. In fact, we may even have the tendency to pass judgement on others. When we look upon those around us with a self-righteous heart or a hypocritical attitude, it becomes impossible to serve them out of love! But that is exactly what Jesus calls us to do! As followers of Jesus we desire to love others through service! We hope to put their needs before our own, to give ourselves for their benefit. This type of service requires a humble and loving heart, one without judgement, one filled with compassion and grace. We must let go of judgement and step out in love if we want to truly serve others!

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Silent Trumpets - (10/09/19)

This week we are continuing in Matthew 6 to talk about our motives behind PRAYER. Do we pray just to sound spiritual or fill in another checkbox on our Christian to-do list? When we pray, how do we approach God? Is He a distant figure, a magic genie, a close friend? Ultimately both our motive behind prayer and the way we approach God in prayer speaks volumes to our heart posture towards Him. The hope of this message is to get students to understand what prayer is and how powerful of a tool it can be when we approach God with hearts of faith and obedience.


Silent Trumpets - (10/02/19)

We are starting a brand new series called Silent Trumpets. During this series we will be covering the best sermon ever preached, the sermon on the mount. In Matthew chapter five through seven Jesus preaches on how followers should live out their lives. During this sermon he debunks cultural norms, gives moral instruction, and challenges believers to live righteous lives. This week we are looking to Matthew 6:1-4. This is when Jesus talks about giving and he tells us to not be like the hypocrites that blow their trumpets as they give so that all can see and hear what they are doing. Jesus is telling us to give out of love, not for a selfish gain. 


Damaged Goods - (09/25/19)

Can you believe it? DNOW is happening this week! The theme for the weekend is “INFLUENCER” and as a staff we couldn’t be more excited. We are always reminding the students that they matter and that God has created them for a purpose. They have such a great potential to impact and influence those around them. As believers, God has chosen and commanded us to let our light shine into the darkness of the world. Our relationship with Jesus is personal but it shouldn’t be private. Our prayer is that our students get out there and INFLUENCE the world with the GOSPEL!


Damaged Goods - (09/18/19)

As we wrap up our Damaged Goods series we say, “Out with the old, in with the new!” Jesus has moved us from DAMAGED to GOOD! We are made right in God’s eyes thanks to what Jesus did for us on the cross and what the Holy Spirit continues to do in and through us. Too often the next generation spends too much time either chasing their identity in worldly status, or being held back by placing their identity in their mistakes & failings (sin). We need to be reminded to REST in the finished work of Jesus for our identity - we are no longer tied to our sin because of Jesus nor do we have to chase worth and purpose in this world. We have ALL that we need for life in Jesus - it’s time to let our identity rest in Him. We can trust that Jesus takes us from who we were to who we were called to be.


Damaged Goods - (09/11/19)

Our first series this year is called,“Damaged Goods”.  Looking around its pretty easy to see that we are all broken and “damaged” in some way. BUT Christ can fix us . We are only as damaged as we want to be… God has created a way for us to be made new. All we need to do is put our faith and trust in Him. We are excited about week two of “Damaged Goods” because we have a professional counselor coming to answer some questions. We hope this helps teenagers recognize that they are not alone in their trails. We also want to reinforce the fact that God has given us community to help us work through anything we may be dealing with. 


Damaged Goods - (09/04/19)

Our first series this year is called,“Damaged Goods”.  Looking around its pretty easy to see that we are all broken and “damaged” in some way. BUT Christ can fix us . We are only as damaged as we want to be… God has created a way for us to be made new. All we need to do is put our faith and trust in Him. We believe that God has redeemed us through His Son, Jesus. Therefore, we can now choose life. We don’t have to be “damaged” anymore. We are no longer slaves to sin. God has freed us by allowing Jesus to take on the cross. And then Jesus rose from the grave so that we could rise up from our sin, our past, our struggles and whatever else we are dealing with. There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ!

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Unashamed - (05/15/19)

In our final week of our UNASHAMED series, we want to challenge students to “walk the talk” with their faith. Our prayer is that the next generation is able to share the gospel clearly and walk wisely (in obedience) because the world is watching; the lost are searching for a faith that is REAL. We will look at Colossians 4:3-6 (NLT) and teach students to capitalize on opportunities that God places before them to share about Jesus. We also want to remind them to make the most of the time they have to be a LIVING example for others of what it looks like to follow Jesus. We believe that students have the power to influence the world around them with lives of obedience and the message of the GOSPEL!


Unashamed - (05/08/19)

Being UNASHAMED of the Gospel means that we have to be willing and ready to have an answer when others question our faith. But fighting for our faith should look very different from the way that the world fights for its beliefs. As Christians we are called to gently and respectfully explain the love of Christ to others. We are called to fight with truth, righteousness, peace, and faith. We fight for our faith, not to prove that we are right, but to capture others with the love and hope that Jesus offers and point them to the path of salvation. We can fight UNASHAMED of the Gospel because our fight is about more than ourselves.


Unashamed - (05/01/19)

What is real, what is fake. What does it mean? Often times we ask these questions, but recently our next generation hasn’t really pressed in. If it sounds good then it must be true. If others are saying it… and google kinda confirms it, then it's real. When we follow Jesus we are committing to surrendering  to him and His word. As we grow closer to him our knowledge should grow deeper and our understanding of who, what, and why starts to grow. We won’t know all the answers, but we have to stop letting the world’s lies guide us; and instead, we need to start learning how to stand up for our faith and live unashamed for the Gospel. We want our students to learn how to be the influencer rather than being influenced by the world. 



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Missional Living is the lifestyle every Christian is called to. We are saved to be sent; we are to be ambassadors for Christ in this fallen world as we follow after Jesus. This type of living needs to be INTENTIONAL; we must choose to think of others and their needs before our own, we must choose to give of our time, energy, and resources for the benefit those who are in need, we must choose to share of the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost people around us. Our hope is that the next generation would live on mission in their daily lives - going into the local and global mission field as LIGHTS representing Jesus!



Victory In Jesus

When we celebrate Easter, we celebrate the greatest triumph in history. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He forever defeated the power of sin and the grave, and all their resulting side effects, and He chose to share that victory with us. This Easter week, let’s dive into some of the strongholds He conquered, reflect on the fight He fought for us, and praise Him as our Banner of Victory.


Barabbas - (04/10/19)

In our FIRST week of the BARABBAS series we learned that Jesus was framed so we could be set free! In the same way that Barabbas rejected authority, we reject God’s authority and stand condemned. We are all Barabbas but Jesus took our place and took our wrath! He suffers for our wrongs just like He did for Barabbas. In our SECOND week of the BARABBAS series we turn to Jesus’ resurrection! We will focus on the power of the resurrection and what that means for the life of a Christian. The resurrection is REAL and RELEVANT! Christ really rose from the grave and it forever changes our lives. We are united with Christ in death and in life. We hope to see students realize their spiritual freedom from the power of sin and lean into the power of the Spirit in their new life of freedom!


Barabbas - (04/03/19)

Our 2 week BARABBAS series aims to help students see their standing before a holy God apart from Jesus as guilty (in their sin). We hope to show them that Barabbas represents us all! Like us, while he was still guilty and deserving of death because of his crimes (a.k.a. sin) Jesus took his place and he was SET FREE. In the same way, when we put our faith & trust in Jesus, we are SET FREE from our sin. Jesus takes our punishment; He suffers for our wrongs just like He did for Barabbas. The message of the Gospel is FREEDOM from the guilt of sin through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross as well as His resurrection 3 days later. We hope to see students find FREEDOM from sin and death in Jesus and receive the LIFE He promises through FAITH!



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One of the most important pieces of a believers relationship with God is prayer, yet so many followers of Jesus struggle to pray consistently and rarely find POWER in their prayers. It’s our goal to help students go honestly & earnestly to God in prayer! We want to see students removing stigma & insecurity in their prayer lives. We hope to guide them to a more regular prayer rhythm and to practice the art of LISTENING and LOOKING for God’s answers to their prayers. Students need to pray with confidence trusting that God promises to hear our prayers and give us whatever we ask in accordance to His will!


Digital Disciples - (03/20/19)

As we wrap up our Digital Disciples series, we are urging students to use their social media platform (and all other platforms) to point others to Jesus. Students can have a powerful and far-reaching influence in our digital world and we want to see them living out 1 Timothy 4:12 as they walk as an example for others. God calls His followers to REMEMBER Him in their youth even when the culture is pushing a lifestyle that is “wild and free”. We believe that God has given the next generation an incredible opportunity to join Him in His transformative work as they use their platform to honor God and point their peers to Him!


Digital Disciples - (03/13/19)

Alright leaders! It’s week 2 of our new series, Digital Disciples, and we can’t wait to talk about having a Godly community. Community is something that every generation needs. It goes back all the way to the beginning when God saw that Adam was alone and it was not good. So we know that God desires healthy community for our teenagers, but unfortunately the digital world gives us a false sense of community and because of that, the next generation doesn’t always know what true community should look like. Our prayer is that they start getting face to face with their phones face down. We want to see transformation in our small groups and we believe that starts with an understanding of Godly community. 


Digital Disciples - (03/06/19)

Our culture is inundated with social media and the next generation is greatly influenced by its presence in their lives. In our new series DIGITAL DISCIPLES, we hope to encourage our students consider how much social media they consume and to challenge them to spend more time in God’s Word than they do on social media. By looking at the wisdom from King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 2:1-11, we will show students how the promotion of worldly things (wealth, appearance, fame, success, followers, etc.) in the arena of social media leads to VANITY more than than life-giving purpose. We want them to see that God’s Word guides them to PURPOSE and PROMISE that they can trust!



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Sex Dating And Everything Else - (02/20/19)

Middle School Blurb

This week we head into our third, and final, message of our Sex, Dating & Everything Else series. With our middle schoolers, we will being hitting on questions such as; “when is it okay for me to start dating?” And, “how far is too far?” Many of these questions can lead students to push safe boundaries and make identity compromises - all of which can be properly handled when our students know that their identity is in Christ and His plan for our sexuality. This week we will be comparing the old testament stories of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife verses the story of David and Bathsheba to demonstrate what happens when we chose Jesus over our temptations.

High School Blurb

As we bring our SEX, DATING, & EVERYTHING ELSE series to a close, we are tackling the difficult issues of lust, porn, and non-heterosexual relationships. God’s word guides us in Proverbs 5:1-14 in the dangers of pursuing the forbidden temptations that come with sexual desire. God created a time and place for us to pursue and enjoy sex, but until that time comes our call is to exercise SELF-CONTROL as we wait in the WISDOM of God’s Word. We want all students to realize that sexual boundaries are given by God for their protection. We pray for them to find FREEDOM in the GRACE of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit in their waiting!


Sex Dating And Everything Else - (02/13/19)

Guys Blurb

We live in a culture where understanding what it means to be a man has never been more complex or confusing. With options swinging from emotionless & domineering to showing nearly no distinction from a women, how are the future generations of young men to find their way to GODLY MANHOOD? By looking at 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, as well as Ephesians 4:25-29 & 5:25-29, we hope to point young men to the transformative work of the GOSPEL and a standard for manhood given to us in God’s word and MODELED for us in Jesus’ life.

Girls Blurb

This week we continue our SEX, DATING, & EVERYTHING ELSE series by honing into the reality that men and women sometimes struggle with very different sexual sin. For women in particular, giving into sexual sin often stems, not from physical drives, but from emotional struggles. Hosea 1-3 displays a vivd image of Israel committing adultery against God. This turning from God and into the arms of other lovers stems from a sad reality that Israel has lost sight of her true worth and identity by forgetting her first husband - God. Likewise, as women, we are most vulnerable to sexual sin when we lose sight of our identity as daughters of the King and run into the arms of idols (men, beauty, image, etc) to try to validate our worth.


Sex Dating And Everything Else - (02/06/19)

It’s time for THE TALK… conversations about sex, dating, and relationships with the opposite sex can be difficult and awkward, but it is SO IMPORTANT for the church and parents alike to walk through these topics together with the next generation. We want to help students uncover what God’s Word teaches us about His DESIGN for sexual desires and for relationships with each other. As we launch our SEX, DATING, & EVERYTHING ELSE series we will be walking through 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 and unpacking what the Bible teaches about healthy sexual desires and how they fit within God’s plan for us!



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This week we wrap up our CHILDREN of the LIGHT series focusing in on
1 Thessalonians 5:9-11. Everyone has the desire to belong. But when we feel like we don’t fit in, then we start to lose passion, and ultimately, start to lose site of our identity. Teenagers are learning and discovering so many things, and in the midst of it all they are asking the questions: “Who am I? Who cares about me? Do I fit in?” Yet, God’s word tells us that He has chosen to save us, that our identity is found in Him, that He cares for us, and that it’s okay if we don’t fit in because we are children of the light. If our students can start to understand this amazing truth, it will transforms them, and maybe even, the people around them.


Children of the Light - (01/23/19)

This week we continue our CHILDREN of the LIGHT series as we focus in on 1 Thessalonians 5:6-8. We want students to “stay woke” to their identity in Jesus; we don’t want them to ever lose sight of who God says they are. While this world will offer so many options other than Jesus for the next generation to place their identity in, we strive to encourage students to stand firm in their identity in Christ! We pray that each and every student in our ministry accepts who they are in Jesus and is encouraged consistently in their worth, value, and purpose given by God!


Children of the Light - (01/16/19)

There are fewer issues that are more important for the life of a student than the concept of identity. In 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11, we see that followers of Jesus are called “CHILDREN of the LIGHT,” - an identity that drives a lifestyle after God. As students develop autonomy and independence, they begin looking for things to be the focal point of their adult lives, they look for worth, for purpose, for value. We hope to instill in every student the understanding that their worth, their purpose, their value, their priorities are all tied up in their identity in Jesus Christ and what God has done for us in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. We pray that students would begin to define their lives by what God says about them in His word and that their lives would be transformed by living out an identity in Jesus.


God Goals - (01/09/19)

Welcome to 2019! New year, new you, am I right? As we enter the new year we want to encourage our students to set “God Goals” for their lives! Every follower of Jesus is chosen on purpose and called to a purpose. The world around us offers so many options for us to pursue - so many areas for us to set goals - so many things for us to strive after, but when we pursue God and His kingdom first, He will give us the desires of our hearts! (Psalm 37:4). Jesus reminds us inJohn 15:4-17 that we will only bear fruit when we abide in Him, when we are living for Him! Our hope is to see our students believing in faith that God has BIG PLANS for them and to empower them to chase “God Goals” for their lives!


WEEK 3  -  (12/12/18)

This week we will uncover how Jesus came to serve & set the best example to follow when learning how to be selfless. Our main scripture this week is found in John 13:1-17. This is when Jesus knows that His time on the earth is coming to a close. So before dinner, He gets down on his hands and knees and washes the feet of His disciples. He then tells them to follow His example. As believers we have to be okay with getting a little uncomfortable. When we embrace the uncomfortable incredible things happen. The goal is for our students to serve by stepping out of their comfort zones so they can see God do the incredible in them. Let's flip this city upside-down for the gospel!


WEEK 2  -  (12/5/18)

SERVE SZN is in full swing! God’s word teaches us that the very DNA of a follower of Jesus is to serve others, to live by putting others first. This can become a difficult task when we get too focused on our own desires, or our own aspirations. Each of us can fall into the trap of letting our ambition lead to selfishness. Jesus reminds us in Matthew 20:20-28 that GREATNESS happens when we’re SELFLESS. We hope to show students that God has called them to greatness through serving others; that the best leaders are all about serving those around them. We believe that when we live a life of service as we follow Jesus we can show the world what the church is supposed to look like!





For our November HYPE NIGHT we will launch our SERVE SZN series. We are so excited to enter into the Christmas season with the challenge of serving others with our gifts! Christmas comes with an expectation and even an entitlement towards receiving gifts, and we want to flip that script as we teach about our call to SERVE others with the gifts God has blessed us with. God gave us new life in Christ, and that new life is all about serving and putting others first. When you come to faith in Christ, you enter SERVE SZN, and it continues until Jesus calls us home to heaven! We hope to encourage this mindset in the next generation as they put others first in their lives!



WEEK 1  -  (11/7/18)

In the final week of our REBEL series we are focusing our attention on the PARENTS! We know that parents are the biggest influencers and primary disciplers in a student’s life and anything we can do to support parents will be best for God’s Kingdom. Our intention is to show students that obeying their parents sets them up for success in obeying God always and forever. This was true in the life of Jesus and it’s true for our student’s lives as well! Our goal after this Wednesday is for every student to echo the words of Jesus Christ when He said, “Not my will Father, but Yours.” We hope to empower students to make a commitment to choose to obey their parents, submit themselves to God’s authority, and to trust the Father’s will for their lives in faith.

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WEEK 1  -  (11/7/18)

Our new series REBEL is all about AUTHORITY. We are hoping to teach students the importance of learning to obey those in authority over them and submitting to God’s ultimate authority (His Will) in their lives. We believe that as teenagers develop autonomy they need to also learn to choose obedience to the authorities placed in their lives. Even though the natural reaction/cultural norm for adolescents is to REBEL against all authority, God’s Word makes it clear that we are to obey God given authorities for the sake of our growth and His glory. We hope to empower students to make a commitment to choose to obey authorities, submit themselves to God’s sovereignty and to trust His will for their lives in faith.



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Everyone loves a super hero… we love the story of good conquering evil, of someone stepping up & saving the day. In fact, often times in our culture, we are taught to be the hero of our own story; we are told to face our giants, urged to muster up courage & strength to win the day. But what if we aren’t meant to be the hero of our story? What if the reality is that we cannot save ourselves!? God’s word teaches us that Jesus alone has the power to save us. God saves us from our sins/struggles, the enemy, and from ourselves. As we look at the famous story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17, we shouldn’t view ourselves as David who stands up to Goliath the enemy, but instead realize that we are more like the people of Israel who rely on God’s chosen KING to save the day! We believe that the power we need to overcome the “giants” in our own lives doesn’t come from within, but instead it comes from trusting in Jesus to be the hero of our story.



WEEK 4  -  (10/24/18)

This week we wrap up our RUN WILD series by addressing the emotion of ANGER. Our hope is to help students see that UNLEASHED ANGER WILL ONLY HURT, but LEANING ON JESUS WILL ALWAYS HEAL. Often times teenagers struggle to deal with strong emotions of anger without causing harm in the process. We will look to Psalms 37:7-9 to help remind us how important it is to control our anger and avoid painful consequences. We want to empower students to lean on Jesus & the power of the Holy Spirit to reign in their anger! We want them to look to God for peace and healing!


WEEK 3  -  (10/17/18)

This week we are learning how to respond to stress and depression with our faith. Many students are burdened by stress & feelings of depression due to the pressures they face on a daily basis. To encourage us, we will look to Psalms 22:11-21 and see how King David worked through his own feelings of depression. This passage points us to the events of the cross and will help us process heavy emotions. We see that after Jesus died, His followers struggled with fear, stress, and likely even depression... but when they found that He was alive they were able to live in victory! We are living in that same victory today.Depression dies when Jesus comes alive!

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WEEK 2  -  (10/10/18)

Here in week 2 of our RUN WILD series, we are going to examine ANXIETY and how we can respond to it in faith. The way David pours out his anxious thoughts, his doubts, and his fears to God in the Psalms is a great testimony for us to follow. As we look at Psalm 22:1-8 & Psalm 23 we hope to show students that in the midst of wrestling with anxiety, they can still maintain a firm faith and trust in God. We want students to be empowered to deal with their anxious thoughts & emotions by going to God; by talking to Him, and to declare their faith in God’s Truth over their anxiety and their doubts!


WEEK 1  -  (10/3/18)

And we are BACK... Here we go launching again into our Youth Group rhythm with a new series called RUN WILD! We will be studying some of the Psalms and looking at David’s emotional conversations with God to uncover how we should handle our emotions in light of our relationship with Jesus. This week we focus on Psalm 13 with the goal of learning from David’s example of how to voice our feelings to God, yet also being able to remain faithful and trusting of God in the midst of our situation. We want students to be empowered to deal with their emotions through prayer and to declare God’s Truth over their circumstances!



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WEEK 1  -  (9/5/18)

Brand new school year kicks off with a FRESH new series! This week we will look atMatthew 5:1-5 with the hopes of seeing how the Gospel message of Jesus is FRESH and different from the ways of the world. The beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12) reveal to us what our heart attitude should look like if we have faith in God through Jesus. We want students to realize their need for God, to mourn the reality of their sin, and to humble themselves before God as they call on Jesus as Lord and Savior. God is faithful to save us and work through us as we keep the Gospel FRESH in our lives!



own (ing) it main .png


Faith is a complete trust or confidence in someone or something. For a believer, faith is the driving force of their relationship with Jesus. This Wednesday we are having a stand- alone message about taking ownership of faith. Many students often base their faith offof their parents, pastors, small group leaders, or maybe even their friends. But it is so important to take ownership of their “own faith”. The first few steps in doing this is by thinking about faith, acting on faith, and lastly following through. God gave us many reasons to be confident in Him, the question is do our students believe that?



WEEK 4  -  (5/16/18)

As our CHOICES series comes to a close we are talking about FRIENDS! This week we will examine Proverbs 13:20 with the goal of learning how to surround ourselves with the kind of friends that encourage our walk with Jesus! Most people know that friends have the ability to influence our lives, both for good and for bad. We want students to see the need to have a balance of friends that will uplift, encourage, and challenge them in their faith as well as friends that they are reaching with the LOVE of Jesus! God created us for relationships and friendships - let’s walk with the WISE! 


WEEK 3  -  (5/9/18)

It’s week 3 of CHOICES and this week we are focusing on choosing to walk wisely and turn away from evil. As we look at Proverbs 14:16 we see that the fool makes careless choices while the wise is cautious in his/her decisions. We want students to realize that they have the choice to turn from careless living and instead focus on what is truly important in their lives as Christ- followers. They can either walk forward recklessly, or they can choose to walk forward by being watchful, praying in the Spirit, and receiving strength to avoid temptation. The challenge will be to focus on using caution (careful attention) to discern what is wise in every aspect of their lives.


WEEK 2  -  (5/2/18)

It’s Week 2 of CHOICES and this week we are focusing on choosing our words wisely. As we look at Proverbs 18:1-21 we see both the power of our words and the importance of being slow to speak. We want students to realize the weight that their words carry towards those around them, especially as followers of Jesus. They can either empower and encourage the people in their lives or they can cause damage and destruction with the words they choose to use in conversations and relationships. The challenge will be to focus on listening to gain understanding while being careful to honor God with how they speak.


WEEK 1  -  (4/26/18)

Welcome to the last series of the school year: CHOICES! Life is all about choices and as followers of Jesus, we want to know how to make good, God-honoring choices on a consistent basis. In Proverbs, there is a lot of WISDOM for us to learn from, especially in terms of making choices. We will spend the next 4 weeks unpacking wise choices guided by the words from King Solomon, who was blessed with wisdom from God. This week we begin with Proverbs 12:15 as we guide students to seek the advice of Godly counsel when making choices, especially important choices in their lives.



WEEK 1  -  (3/7/18)

Welcome to a brand new series called THIS IS LIFE! I’m really looking forward to the next 5 weeks as we unpack the VALUES of our Student Ministry. Based on Romans 12:9-21, we will look at how we want the “life” of our ministry (and hopefully the lives of our students) to be defined by: Love, Worship, Commitment, Relationships, & Outreach. We believe that with these values in place, students will walk closer with God and develop deeper relationships with each other! This week we begin with guiding our students to a proper understanding of love based on scripture and challenging them to choose to love themselves and others like God does.


WEEK 2  -  (3/14/18)

Worship isn’t just a “here and there moment - we worship everywhere.” As a child of God, we are to be in constant worship. As we see in Romans 12:1 & 12:11-13, every breath we take should be in worship. There are many different ways for us to worship - it doesn’t just have to be once a week while singing at church. We can worship through music, prayer, scripture reading, serving, sharing the gospel, working, and even the little things in our everyday routine. This week we want you to think about worship in a way that is constant. We want you to live out your worship so others can see what it looks like to worship the One who deserves it all.


WEEK 3  -  (3/21/18)

We are so excited to continue on in our THIS IS LIFE series as we look at the values of our Student Ministry. Based on Romans 12:14-16, we will look at a biblical worldview of commitment and how it relates to our lives as believers. We want our students to understand what it means to truly capture the essence of Christ and his selfless love for us, and how understanding that truth frees us from our selfish tendencies and pushes us toward being fully committed to each other in our Small Groups. This Christ-like commitment will help us become contagious to the outside world as we model what it means to be one as the body of Christ.


WEEK 4  -  (4/4/18)

It’s great to be back after a week off and to get back into our THIS IS LIFE series talking about our VALUES. We will continue through Romans 12 and look specifically at Romans 12:17-19, as this week we focus in on our RELATIONSHIPS as followers of Jesus. We believe that it is so important for our students to learn about how God-honoring relationships are built on forgiveness and peace. God’s word continually shows us our need to forgive each other and directs us to pursue peace in EVERY relationship, even with enemies! We are asking students to suspend all judgment - for God alone is the Judge - and to work on their relationships with others.


WEEK 5  -  (4/11/18)

This week we close our THIS IS LIFE series with our value of OUTREACH. Romans 12:20-21 directs us to serve others and shows that by doing so we can overcome evil with good. As followers of Jesus, it is important for our students to see the value of service and giving of themselves for the betterment of others! This includes sharing God’s love with those who may not know Jesus and inviting others to come hear the Gospel message and join our community of believers. We are going to be encouraging students to invite their friends to our LIFE PARTY next Wednesday night (April 18) and to sign up to serve with OPERATION INASMUCH (April 28).