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Youth Group doors open at 6:15pm on Wednesday nights . We believe that the next generation matters, so we have created a place just for them . Our hope is that every teenager that walks through our doors will be empowered to develop an authentic relationship with Jesus. We want each teenager to find their place and start to understand the plan God has for their life.

Small Groups happen right after our Youth Group Message and end around 8:30pm. We know that our staff can’t disciple everyone, so we have developed small groups . Each small group is broken down by gender and grade and has a ratio of one adult leader to six students . Small groups are a great way for students to engage in conversation and create long lasting relationships .

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6th-8th grade (located in the CPC)

Join us for discussion group challenging middle school students to establish their faith and share it with their peers as we study the GOSPEL PROJECT curriculum. This is a perfect place to learn more about God's word together.

9th-12th grade (located in the CPC)

For High School students looking to better understand God's word and learn how the Gospel message of Jesus is found throughout all of scripture. We are studying the GOSPEL PROJECT curriculum together.

9th-12th (campus wide)

We encourage High School students to engage in the life of the church. We believe its important to empower students to own their faith and influence others. Click HERE to find your place and serve with your passions and gifts! 


In order to stay true to the values that we hold dear, we have created three unique environments that connect us to the vision of our ministry and our church:


Youth Group

  • welcoming every person as valuable and loved.
  • providing a unique environment where students can feel comfortable, have fun, and initiate relationships.
  • teaching gospel-centered messages based on biblical truths that guide students to a closer relationship with Jesus.
  • strategically planning moments of laughter, excitement, and passion to engage students' hearts, minds, and senses.

Small Groups

  • connecting students with a caring adult — a small group leader — to invest in their future and disciple them in their walk with God.
  • creating a comfortable atmosphere where students can engage in discussions about life and faith.
  • establishing a safe place for students to develop deep, meaningful relationships with others and with Jesus. 
Click here to find a group.
Click here to see more about plugging in at Scotts Hill.

Student Leadership

  • empowering students to own their faith and influence others with a lifestyle of selfless service.
  • encouraging students to be a part of the local church — finding their place and serving with their passions and gifts.
  • connecting students with a personal ministry that can develop them and push them to grow spiritually.
  • challenging students to learn by doing.